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Membership Requirements and Benefits

There are no requirements to be a member of the Utah Back Country Pilots, per se. We have no "bush pilot" tests or attitude, and no aircraft type restrictions. In fact one need not be a pilot or own an aircraft of any kind, even though a lot of us are private pilots and do own or fly some type of general aviation aircraft.

All that is necessary for participation, is an enjoyment of exploring the fantastic scenery and rich history of rural Utah by airplane, and a resolve to help protect the future use of these backcountry airstrips.

Your $30.00 yearly Membership helps to fund this protection effort for you and your entire family. These dues provide our treasury with the ability to map, measure and inventory Utah airstrips. They are used to provide windsocks and interpretive signs, and in some cases, to pay outright for the lease of the runway property as was done with Happy Canyon. This website is maintained with a combination of those dues and personal free time. UBCP is refining it's Airstrip Database to enhance safety in the backcountry, and writes Public Comments in support of air access. In some cases UBCP has been forced to go to court as an Intervener in legal battles surrounding certain airstrips. We're happy to report that we've prevailed on both occasions. None of the Board of Directors nor any of the members every receive any monetary compensation for their individual efforts. They've just rolled up their sleeves and donated their personal time. We can safely say that the satisfaction of the endeavor and the camaraderie and meeting of new friends along the way, makes it an interesting hobby and a worthwhile pastime.

We'd like to invite you to join us. Go to the "Application Form" page and join today. With your generous support, this type of recreation will be available for our children to enjoy. Thanks, and 'see you in the backcountry'!

Utah Back Country Pilots
Skypark Airport
1887 South Redwood Rd. #16
Woods Cross, UT 84087

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