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Website Overview and Log-In Frequently Asked Questions

This website brings together two distinct Internet-related services:

UtahBackCountryPilots.org website
Purpose: Brings it all into one common place

Not required for non-restricted areas.

For "Members Only" sections: You will be initially prompted to "New Log In Required" and will ask for your E-mail Address. Please keep this current as it is how you are contacted for "Members Only" messages. This is also how you can receive your Password in case you forgot it.


Not required for non-restricted areas.

For "Members Only" sections: A random password is initially provided for all UBCP members. You can have this automatically e-mailed to you, provided that we have your correct e-mail address on file. You should change the random password to something easier to remember once you "Log In" using "Search Roster"

Closed to

Some parts, as listed under the "Members Only" button. Non-members can see this list as an inducement to join. A Login will be prompted when these areas are first accessed.

If you leave your computer alone for 15 minutes a "New Log In Required" will appear (unless you have "cookies" enabled and "Save Login Information" previously selected.

Forum (Open Mic)

Searchable categorized areas for placing your own ideas, with attachments, and for others to comment. Can be considered a "mini-website" and you can optionally receive e-mailed notices when new items are placed in selected subjects. Otherwise you can simply view whenever you want to.

See "Communications" button at left for further details.


Not required to view.

In order to post anything: You must have previously logged in using your email address and UBCP login password.

Closed to
UBCP Membership is not required to view, but is required in order log in and post anything..

Note that these areas have differing access controls, based on UBCP membership security requirements. This means that you will likely have a combination of two different "user identifiers" and their corresponding passwords.

Both of the areas have the ability to use "cookies" to remember the applicable ID and password for each area. Of course this can be helpful, but if you use this feature, you should record your IDs and Passwords in a secure place in case your computer "forgets", dies, or you are using another computer. Some computer security systems will block cookies. if you are doing any cookie blocking, you need to set up your system so that "utahbackcountrypilots.org" and "airbase1.com" are "trusted domains" so your system will accept these cookies.

If you are having trouble accessing something, contact our webmaster, Rob Duncan. You can use the "Contact Us" button on the left. However you should be as detailed as possible with your initial request for help. Give the "page title" as seen at the top of each web page (Example: This page title is "Login FAQ" - do you see exactly that, at the top?), and EXACTLY what you entered in what box. Your E-mail address or User ID, and any passwords will not be given out, and these are required to duplicate your problem and thus provide you the quickest assistance.


Utah Back Country Pilots
Skypark Airport
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