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A Little History of the UBCP Airstrip Database

This database was created through hours and hours of scrutinizing maps and charts and from the recorded visitations, and decades of overflights by Utah backcountry pilots. It is by no means presented here as an complete or accurate compilation of any or all Utah strips. Most of this information is incorrect and one thing is certain; there are many airstrips that are unusable to any fixed wing aircraft at any time, although a few of these may be repaired in the future.

The database, as presented here, is in keeping with one of UBCP's prime goals; the sharing of information on this resource and the enhancement of safety through doing so. Please do not view this database as a navigation tool or an invitation to visit these airstrips and least of all as a tour guidebook. Some of the airstrips listed are on private land and permission of the owner should be obtained before visiting.

Feel free to use it as a platform for sharing and discussion and please help us with pictures, accurate positions, measurements, and current conditions. Thanks.

Step 1: Select criteria below, and click "Find These Airstrips". You may also type "any" for Airstrip Elevation or Runway Length.

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* Note that no warranty of usability is implied for your own experience level.

Step 2: Select desired airstrip from the pull-down below, and click "Show Selected Airstrip"

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Step 3: If you select an airport from the above pull-down list, and then click "Show Selected Airstrip" button, you can view the full airstrip details below. You can also view or post optional comments* and pictures by clicking on the icons.

* To post comments you will need to login to the forum.

Would you like to download a Google Earth file with the airstrip marker(s) instead?

UBCP MEMBERS: You can also get a handy directory printed out from our website. The directory can be sorted in any fashion you desire. See the "Print Airstrips" button at left. Not a UBCP member? Here is yet another reason to join. Click on the Membership -> Application Form to begin.


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