There are never any guarantees about the condition of back country airstrips - especially not ones that have been receiving rain recently like Mineral Canyon has but it should be much better than it was last fall because of the work UBCP President Steve Durtschi and UBCP member Lavar Wells did late this summer.

Here is the letter they sent out on 8-23-15:

The purpose of this message is to up-date you on the condition of the landing strip at Mineral Canyon.

Redtail Aviation at Canyonlands Airport called recently to let us know the above normal spring and summer rains had resulted in a bumper crop of weeds and that it was getting very overgrown. LaVar Wells at Redtail arranged for a rented tractor and mower and loaned us their big truck to haul it down to the top of the steep, switchback road leading to the landing strip. LaVar met us at the top and we drove the tractor and a truck in.

It took the better part of two days to mow the weeds down on the runway and open up the parking and camping area. We filled and smoothed a large hole the rain had caused near the south end. LaVar chainsawed some large dead Tamarisk trees that were encroaching on the west side and we installed a new wind sock. Finally, we drug the surface and parking area with a chain link drag that we keep at the strip.

The runway is now in great shape and ready for the fall and winter flying season. The south 200 feet or so is quite bumpy and we would not recommend using it. We marked the start of this area with a yellow flag on the east side of the runway. Also, the extreme north end is a little soft and dusty.

We have attached one photo to this email. A few more photos are available in the UBCP website photo albums.

We would like to thank Redtail for making some of the arrangements and for the use of their truck. LaVar deserves a big thanks for helping on site.

Fly safe and enjoy this National Treasure we have down there!


UBCP Board
Rob Hunter
UBCP Board Member
Prepared Pilot